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SC4Life is a part of the EAI SmartCity 360° 2019 International Summit

See program of the whole summit, including the keynote day, demos, exhibitions and all 8 co-located conferences – here

SC4Life conference will take place on the 5th December in the room #3

11:30 – 13:00 SESSION 1: Cities and Territory

Session Chair: Paulo Pereira


Keynote Speech: Fillipo Pràtico

Title: LIFE E-VIA: Electric Vehicle noise control by assessment and optimisation of tyre/road interaction


1. Quantifying the carbon dioxide emissions resulting from awareness-raising actions of sustainable mobility; Petili Souza, Filipa Paiva, Lígia Silva & Paulo Pereira

2.Leak Detection in Water Distribution Networks via Pressure Analysis using a Machine Learning Ensemble, Vivencio C. Fuentes & Jhoanna Rhodette Pedrasa

3. Sustainable road infrastructures using smart materials, NDT, and FEM-based crack prediction; Rosario Fedele, Fillipo Pràtico & Gianfranco Pellicano

4. Solutions for Improving the Energy Efficiency of Buildings Refurbishment, Maria Castro, Joana Andrade, Catarina Araújo & Luís Bragança

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch
14:00 – 15:30 SESSION 2: Information and technologies

Session Chair: Paulo Novais


1. Image recognition to improve positioning in smart urban environments; Sara Paiva, Pedro Rodrigues & Benjamim Oliveira

2. An Hybrid Novel Layered Architecture and Case Study: IoT for Smart Agriculture and Smart LiveStock; Pelagie Houngue, Romaric Sagbo & Colombiano Kedowide

3. Agrilogistics – A Genetic Programming Based Approach; Divya D. Kulkarni & Shivashankar B. Nair

4. Real World Third-Person with Multiple Point-of-Views for Immersive Mixed Reality; Zebo Yang, Mingshu Zhang, Taili Zhang Linhao Fu & Tatsuo Nakajima

5. Internet of Things for Enhanced Smart Cities: A Review, Roadmap and Case on Air Quality SensingTitle of the Paper; Gonçalo Marques & Rui Pitarma

15:30 – 16:00 Coffee break
16:00 – 17:30


SESSION 3: Citizen-centre needs

Session Chair: Rita Ribeiro


1. City rankings and the citizens: exposing representational and participatory gaps; Ana Duarte Melo

2. Building future societies? A brief analysis of Braga’s School Bus project; Emília Araújo; Márcia Silva, Rita Ribeiro & Filipa Corais

3. Smart pedestrian network: an integrated conceptual model for improving walkability; Fernando P. Fonseca, Paulo J.G. Ribeiro, Mona Jabbari, Elena Petrova, George-Nathaniel Papageorgiou, Elisa Conticelli, Simona Tondelli & Rui A.R. Ramos

4. Mobility time style: For an integrated view of time and mobilities in societies with a future; Catarina Sales Oliveira & Emília Rodrigues Araújo

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